About Sree Pushpakabrahmana Seva Sangham

Sree Pushpakabrahmana Seva Sangham is a society established in 1968 for the socio-economic development of Pushpaka Brahmins. It is registered under the Travancore-Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration act of 12/1955. Pushpakadhwani is a monthly publication of Sree Pushpakabrahmana Seva Sangham.

Pushpaka Brahmin

Pushpaka Brahmins (Malayalam:പുഷ്പക ബ്രാഹ്മണര്) or simply Pushpakas (Malayalam:പുഷ്പകര്) are a class of Brahmins in Kerala. They carry out the various activities of the temple including priestly activities. Pushpakas lived on the income of the temple and were under its care. There are many subcastes within Pushpakas: Unni, Nambissan, Nambiar, Chakiyar, Pilappalli, Kurukkal, Karthavu, Nampidi, Adikal, Muthathu, Elayathu, Shanikal and similar Brahmin communities. They learn Sanskrit texts, shlokas, mantras etc. and work as teachers in Pathasalas associated with temples. They are also performers of temple art forms such as Theeyaattam and Brahmanippaattu.

Reg. No: 42/1968

Website: spss.stapto.com

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