About Malayala Brahmana Samajam

Malayala Brahmana Samajam is an organization found for the welfare and prosperity of Brahmana community. What is meant by the name Malayala Brahmana.? The Brahmins with names like Somayajippad, Nampoothiripadu, Adithiri, Ilayathu, BhatathiriSharma, Namyathiri, Moossathu are generally referred as Malayala Brahmana. They are all from the same root, even though they are known by different names at different location in Kerala. Nampoothiri is the common term used to denote a person belonging to any of the above category. This was agreed by the great writer Kanippayyoor Sankaran Nampoothirippad and Bhaskaranunni.

The mission of this organization is to bring the people in different sub groups together and work for the benefits of the same. MBS is the one and only one organization for the community of Malayala Brahmins.

Reg. No: 593/99

Website: www.malayalabrahmanasamajam.org