About Gowda Saraswath Brahmana Kshema Sabha

Gowda Saraswath Brahmana Kshema Sabha is the organisation of the Gowda Saraswath Brahmins of Kerala. Gowda Saraswath Brahamins were actually settled historically near the Holy Saraswati river of north India. Later when the river dried up, they migrated to parts of Goa and Maharashtra. Over 600 years ago, fearing the Portugeuse Christian conversion they fled with their dieties as their most valuable possessions to Kochi and Kozhikode. They continue to live at these places as Gowda Saraswath Brahmins. Gowda Saraswath Brahmins have the 'Mathadhipathi' of Sree Kashi Math Samsthan, Varanasi as their supreme religious head. The current Mathadhipathi is H. H. Samyameendra Theertha Swamikal, the 21st in the 'guru parampara'. In 2012, the Gowda Saraswath Brahmana Kshema Sabha was formed as per instructions of Swamiji for the welfare and help of the community members. Swamiji is the last word in all the traditional, religious and organisational matters of the Sabha.

Reg. No: EKM/TC/734/2012

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